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​pre-show short film: We'll Always Have Toynbee

Synopsis:  A classic story of a doomed love affair between a Caucasian man and a Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) woman. It is a story about magnetism, complicity and desire. When these impulses or emotions have no social context, no exterior elements weighing on them, there are no boundaries or limits.

​Directed/Written by Sonia B. Boileau

Starring Cheri Maracle

2019 | 15 min
​Courtesy of Nish Media

​BEANS Special Screening (Sept 20) features Q&A with WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE TONYBEE star, Cheri Maracle and BEANS director, Tracey Deer, moderated by Scott Montgomery. 

Aug 9th: Week 30 Recommendations

pre-show short film: Gun Killers


In an undisclosed location in rural Nova Scotia, retired blacksmiths John and Nancy Little live a peaceful life, tending to their beautiful vegetable garden and crafting ethereal musical sculptures out of scrap metal. Occasionally, their special skills are put to use by the local police in an effort to protect the daily lives of all Canadians. Steeped in the atmospherics of a taut spy thriller, Gun Killers portrays two ordinary citizens as gentle national heroes.

Directed by Jason Young
2019 | 10 min
Courtesy of the National Film Board


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