“We absolutely cannot imagine Main Street without the Regent Theatre. The cultural and economic impact of the Regent Theatre to Prince Edward County cannot be overstated and we are proud to invest in the future of The Regent.”

​- Bob McKittrick & Elyse Graff, Donors


Raise The Curtain!

The Regent Theatre is a local treasure.  

Let’s keep it that way.

We're united as a community by our love of the entertainment experiences that we share at The Regent – from popular bands to theatre shows to international speakers and local acts and from first-run movies to free kids movies. 

We want to welcome you and your family back for more good times. But first, we need to make some significant safety and accessibility upgrades to the beautiful heritage building that we all love.

COVID has given us the opportunity to re-envision our physical space and our programming. The County’s $40,000 investment allows us to pursue our new hybrid programming model. Those funds have enabled us to update our equipment so that we can stream our live shows directly to viewers at home or where ever you may be.

Before we can welcome our audiences back into our physical space and accommodate our patrons, volunteers and staff in a post-COVID world, we need to make some significant safety and accessibility upgrades. These upgrades include a new fire curtain, newHVAC units, repairs to our roof, upgrading our  bar/concession and making necessary adjustments to our accessible seating and exits. 

To make all the necessary changes, we need $250,000. 

That’s a big number, but it will ensure that, in the future, you will be safe and comfortable in our space.

No matter how small or large, we invite you to think of your gift as an investment in the future of The Regent. One that will help us overcome the challenges of COVID and allow the 'Monarch of Main Street' to thrive for the next 100 years.

How To Donate

Pay by credit card or Paypal by clicking the donate button.

Send a cheque to:
The Regent Theatre Foundation
224 Main Street
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0
For questions call: 613.476.8416 x25

First-time Donor’s Super Tax Credit (FDSC)
The 2013 
Federal Budget introduced a temporary First-time Donor’s Super Credit, for more information visit the Canada Revenue Agency regarding donations to charitable organizations.

The Regent Theatre Foundation wishes to thank the following individuals for their contributions to The Regent Theatre 


(gifts over $20,000)

Bob McKittrick & Elyse Graff

Vivian MacLean & Bob Ritzer


(gifts over $5,000)

Reg Bronskill & Helen Findley

Nina-Marie Lister & Jeremy Guth

Robert & Betty-Ann Heggie

Sarah Crawford & David Kirkwood

Gil & Mario Melo

Seay Family

Gregory Sorbara

In memory of Alan Whiteley


(gifts over $1,000)

Annette Polanski & Peter Barker

Bay Of Quinte Mutual

David Beach

Sally Keefe Cohen

Janet & Roy Gaysek

Brenda Hellyer

Christine Henden

John Edward Hill

Maurice & Jane Hudon

Lanny & Catherine Huff

Ann & Nick Hustis

Wendy LeBlanc

Rob Legge

Patrick & Gillian Maloney

Sonja Smits + Seaton McLean

Wendy Mesley + Liam McQuade

Pamela Noxon

PEC Jazz Festival

Marilyn Kennedy & R Alexander Pratt

Norah Rogers

Sprague Foods (c/o Picton Metro)

Howard Whittaker + LeeAnn Scott

Thomas and Sanra Taylor

John &  Megan V Viera

Yolande & Scott Wentworth

W H Williamson & Co Ltd

Susan Zaback


(gifts over $500)

Kevin Armitage

Ian K. Barker

Amy Bodman

Elizabeth Cowan

Luc Gadbois

June Hazell

Boris Halowacz

Dr. PW Johannsson

Kevin Armitage

Ian K. Barker

Amy Bodman

Elizabeth Cowan

Luc Gadbois

June Hazell

Boris Halowacz

Dr. PW Johannsson

Kevin Armitage

Ian K. Barker

Amy Bodman

Elizabeth Cowan

Luc Gadbois

June Hazell

Boris Halowacz

Dr. PW Johannsson


(gifts over $100)

Jennifer Adamson

Paul D Adams & Anne G Adams

Krys Baklinski

Susanne Barclay

Linwood Barclay

Mary Benton

Denise Boos

Dale Boyd

Janice Brown

Ellen Brownbill

Dave Buchinski

Gary and BJ Campbell

Alex Chapman

Cinefest & County Docs

Nadia Clark

Nancy Cleave

Christine Gillespe & Jamie Coatsworth

Teresa Coburn

M Cath Collins

Leslie Comrie

Mark Convery

Marcel Corbeil

Jane Corey

Larry Craig

Heidi Crann

Don & Moira Creighton

Janet Cuddy

Janet Dalicandro

Phyllis Davis

Sandra de Sousa

Dan Dearborn

Jocelyn deBoer

Carole Ditomaso

Thomas Dolan

Anne Du Bois

Janine Dudding

Anne Dumbrille

Andrew Dykstra

David Edward

Patricia & Chris Ellison

Mary Evered

Patricia Flaherty

Nancy Fleck

David Fletcher

Greg Forbes

Karen Fuller

Sonia Gallimore

Michele Maheux & Johnn Gallway

John Edward Gilpin

Karen & David Graham

Susan Grant

Green Gables

Louise Griff

Gail Grossmith

Kim Haigh

Barb Harris

Kate & Fred H. Hayes

Jack Hicks

Edward Hildreth

Lanna Holmes

Michael Hotrum

Penny Hughes

Alan Hurst

Elizabeth Innes

John Inrig

Marsha Jacobs

Saryl Jacobson

Paulette Jamieson

Andrew & Pronika Janikowski

Robert Jankov

Bert Jenkins

Rick Jones

Maureen Kapral

Christopher Keen

Chuck & Sheila Keller

Colleen Kelly

Alice Kent

Kettle Creek Weddings - Quinte

Karen Kimmett

Alan Kirkham

Dough Knight

Donald Koval

Margo Langford

Sarah LeBlanc

Connie LeBrun

Johnathan Leclerc

Gregory Leggatt

Barry & Colleen Leighton

Donald Livingstone

Michael Longo

M.G. Chorney Human Resources Development

Michael MacDonald

Valarie MacDonald

Joanne MacDonell

David Mackay

Christine Mackay

Gail MacRae

Michael Mason

Myrna Mather

Linda Mazur-Jack

Murray McBain

Mary-Anne McBean

Joan McCalla

Johanna McCarthy

Jil McClelland

McRae Engineering Equipment

Don & Elaine Metcalf

Modern Lodge

Jane Moon

Margaret & John Moore

Teresa Moore

Pauline Morrissette

Cathie Morris

Mary Murray

Martha Newbigging

Christopher & Anne Nichols

Sharon O'Meara

Edwin Parker

Jean Perkin

Pam Piercey

Suzanne Pieron

Barry Pinsky

Janice Poneta

Emmerson Pringle Carpentry

Karen Ralley

Randee's Bees

Dianne M A Rheaume

Gail Richardson

Anne Russell

Anne Russell

St. Mary Magdalene Church

Barrie Sarjeant

Anne Schmidt

Paul Seay

Sam Seranno

Robert Sharpe

Janine Sheeres

Mary Sinclair

Janet Skelton

Beverly & Donald Skidmore

Ursula Solecki

Rosalie Starkey

Dorothy Steenburgh

Sweetland Farms

Kimberley Taylor

Carole Thimidis

Benjamin Thornton

Margaret L. Tremblay

Hilary Tugwood

John Turner

Shirley & Chris Van Steen

Jane Van Vlack

Vanessa Vansittart

Nora-Lyn Veevers

Kato Wake

Barbara Wallace

Janet Walters

Therese Waslenko

Doris & Phillip Wattam

Louise Welbanks

Suzanne White

Andrew Whitely

Joy Williams

Mary (Molly) Wills

Helene & Bill Wilmart-Collard

Patti & Derek Wolfe

Jane Wollenberg

Rita Wybenga

Alan Young

Anonymous (13)


(gifts up to $99) Thank you for the part you play!

*Members are not included in our donor recognition listing.