We are excited to announce the launch of Made-in-The-County our brand- new podcast series!

Produced by the Regent Theatre,  this 50 minute monthly series is devised to share the cultural heritage of Prince Edward County. Each variety-show style episode features stories, live music and sound art created in or inspired by The County. 

When it's safe to do so we will record episodes live at the Regent Theatre with an audience.

We encourage young people between the ages of 14 and 25 who want to get media, audio or producing experience to participate. 

We will pair participating youth with mentors in their area of interest.

While we want to engage youth in the creation process, there’s no age limit for contributors! So, if you have a story, musical composition, poem, monologue or audio piece inspired by, made in or about your experience of the County we’d love to hear from you!

Got an idea? Want to participate? Please introduce yourself.


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The County gave Al Purdy inspiration, and he gave us a legacy of poems, memories and the A-Frame.

This episode features excerpts of interviews with Anne Preston, County resident and founding member of the A-Frame Residency; Jean Baird, founding director and administrator of the A-Frame Residency and John Barton, current poet in residence at the A-Frame.

Also featuring musical performances by Festival Players company members and a reading of Al Purdy's poem Prince Edward County by Artistic Director Graham Abbey.

Al Purdy

Al Purdy was born December 30, 1918 ,in Wooler, ON, and died April 21, 2000, in Sidney, BC. He is considered one of Canada’s greatest poets with a writing career that spanned fifty-six years. His works include 39 books of poetry; a novel; two volumes of memoirs and four books of correspondence. In 1965 he won the Governor General's Award for English-language poetry or drama and in 1986 was awarded the Governor General’s Literary Award for English-language poetry.  In 1956 he moved to Prince Edward County where he built an A-frame house.

To learn more about Al Purdy visit: https://www.alpurdy.ca/al-purdy/


Produced by | Logan Somers

Host | Logan Somers & Alexandra Seay

Opening theme composed by | Samuel Du Bois

Old Piano Rag | BlueJayStudio licensed by Envato Market.

Scott Buckley: 
Wander Lust
Falling Together

Festival Players, The Shape of Home: Songs in Search of Al Purdy songs titled:
Where The Moment Is

All songs based on poems by Al Purdy, created and performed by Hailey Gillis, Beau Dixon, Raha Javanfar and Andrew Penner.

Prince Edward County by Al Purdy.

Episode One: Tales for Troubled Times


Chief R. Donald Maracle
R. Donald Maracle has always been a dedicated, passionate, and respectful leader, having served as Chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte for 27 years and for 12 as Councillor before that.

Ryan Aldred
Ryan is a writer based in the County, whose debut novel, “Rum Luck” came out in 2016. He is also the 'ghost' of the Regent Theatre. 

Maggie Sager
Maggie is the winner of the PEC Public Library’s short story competition in the under 13 category. She is an avid writer and loves all forms of art.

Emily Taylor
Emily is the winer of the PEC Library’s short story competition in the over 14 category. Born and raised in the County she is currently in grade 11 at PECI.

Siobhan Bodrug
Siobhan is the 16-year-old winner of the Golden Hour Contest this past summer and will be back on The Regent stage for a solo concert as soon as restrictions are lifted.


Colleen Johnson (Host)
Colleen is a long time County dweller with her finger in many pies including frequent stage manger, scenic painter, director and sometime performer with various theatrical groups, including the Mummers. She is a flautist with the Brighton All-Star Band. She has a long history with The Regent as a volunteer and currently as a projectionist, front of house manager and operations supervisor. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in History at Laurentian University.

Samuel Du Bois (Producer)
Samuel is a writer and podcaster specializing in fiction and radio drama. He is currently completing his Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford while co-running Sequoia, a creative agency. When he’s not working, he is writing a novel, experimenting with film photography or composing music. One day, he hopes to direct his own films.


Executive Producer | Alexandra Seay

Developed and produced by Samuel Du Bois

Production Assistant | Logan Somers

Host | Colleen Johnson

Opening theme and original music composition | Samuel Du Bois

Old Piano Rag | BlueJayStudio licensed by Envato Market.

Our community partners for this episode include: the Prince Edward County Learning Centre and the Prince Edward County Public Library.

This program is funded in part by the Young Canada Works Program (National Trust) and The County of Prince Edward. 

Thank you to all the storytellers, artists, mentors and funders who made this podcast possible.