The Regent sound system consist of 2 x JBL PRX635 3 Way active Speakers And 2 Turbo Sound Active Sub Woofers. There is a 50-channel analog snake and CAT-5 available for Audio in house from FOH to Stage Left. The Regent has a Midas M32 and a Behringer X32 with Digital stage box for in house audio control. Mic’s, Stands and Monitors Available as needed.


The Regent Lighting rig consists of a Martin M-Play And M-Touch console ran VIA Onyx software on a dedicated PC. There are 2 Dedicated DMX lines in house that run from FOH to stage right, 1 for the house rig and 1 spare. Our current Lighting configuration consists of 56 dimming channels, 2 main dimmers with 24 channels a piece and 2x4 channel floating dimmer packs. (See Lighting Plot for Current Configuration and addresses.)


The Regent has a cinema standard projection and screen system consisting of a Christie Professional Projection and drop-down hard screen. Video and steaming gear are available for rental in house (see streaming inventory list).

Stage Power

The Main Stage Has Both 20A and 15A circuits available on stage. Power will be found downstage right, by the lighting dimmer. (The Regent cannot currently accommodate a guest power tie in without losing half the house LX rig)