Sam Hirst


Sam Hirst (she/her) lived her childhood in Prince Edward County, growing up in a family involved in theatre and mentored by musicians in the community. This foundation grew into a 20-year long professional career in performance and outreach through music in Toronto, freelance, and with the Royal Conservatory of Music. She also engaged in deep study and performance of traditional Georgian folkmusic, andhas been recognized for her contribution to the preservation of this music in both Canada and the Republic of Georgia.  


The County expression, “You can take someone out of the County but not the County out of someone” rang true, and Sam returned in 2012 with her family to pursue education. Sam has continued involvement in community music and theatre in schools as a teacher, as well as with community non-profit groups, choirs,bandsand theatre groups in the Quinte area.    


During Sam’s childhood, the Regent theatre was closed, and she was witness to the outpouring of community funds and support to purchase and open the theatre again, playing the first show to open its doors in 1995. As she remembers the excitement of artists in the community at that time, she is committed to strengthening community access and engagement in the theatre as a member of the Regent Theatre Board of Directors.